What Makes Our Project Different?

What Makes Our Project Different?

There are a lot of great acappella groups out there that have new projects about to release.  Each of them have some unique quality that sets them apart from the rest.  So you ask, “What makes our project different?” Here’s how I would describe our latest project.   “Through The Fire” is our sophomore project and with any follow up project, there’s always the concern of how it will do in comparison.  However, “Through The Fire” was not crafted to be “in comparison to” nor a follow up to “The Journey”.  This project is a stand alone project that gives our audience a deeper look into who Made New is as a group and as individuals.  There are a number of things that are new on this project.

First, now as indie artists, we birthed the entire concept from start to finish.  This in itself was a major undertaking by the group.  It required us to step outside of our comfort zones, spread our wings and take flight.   On “The Journey”, we worked closely with Crimson Flow Records to fine tune our craft and learn more about production, performance, and other aspects of the industry.  We didn’t feature other artists or do other people’s music because we wanted to instantly make a name for ourselves.  One of the first differences you will notice on this project is that we feature guest spots from some of our friends from around the country.  Now that you know that we can stand alone, its time that we show you that we couldn’t do it without the support of our friends from around the country.

Also as indie artists, we established our own “Orange Room” recording studio where the magic happens and Troy “T-Mar” Marables stepped into the roles of engineering and producing.   With the creation of the Orange Room Studio we brought in several of our producer friends from around the country to work with T-Mar Productions to produce the various tracks on this project.  We called upon acappella “who’s who” royalty such as John “Pooh” Malone Jr., Nick Glenn, Daryl Burnett, Frank Cleveland, and Jerome Malone.  The project also features the production debut of Troy Marables on 3 of the tracks.  One of the reasons we used a variety of producers was to give each track a distinctive sound.  This not only breaks the monotony as you listen from track to track, but it also allowed us to incorporate a variety of genres and sounds so that Made New wouldn’t become “pigeon holed” as only singing a particular style of music.

The Made New sound is not one particular style, it’s more about the way we each add something into the acappella gumbo behind each song.  Collectively we are stronger than our individual parts and we are the first to admit that.  We are not an all-star collection of singers, but instead a collection of individuals who each bring something to the table that makes the Made New machine go.  We come from different backgrounds and from different parts of the country.  We cover 4 or 5 different decades of music that we were each raised on and we come from different religious backgrounds.  So the resulting sound is always something unique!

We strive to be professional in everything we do.  Our saying is “Protect the brand!”  That means that whatever we do, we do to the glory of God and give our best.  No shortcuts for profit, no shady business deals, and nothing is done halfway.  With that being said, another area where we strive to set ourselves apart is in our packaging of the product.  We already know you’ll like what’s inside, but this is one book we want you to judge by its cover.  It all starts with a vision from Bettye Wise and then we gather the talent needed to give you a top notch product.  This time we called upon Erik Branch Photography and CJ Mitchell Design to help us bring it to fruition.  If you are going to spend your hard earned money to support us, we want you to have the same quality that you are accustomed to from mainstream artists.  Our look is always going to be uniquely Made New.  You won’t find other CD covers like ours because we don’t look to others for ideas.  Where he leads us, we follow!  The rest takes care of itself.

So, what makes our project different?  We do!  Thank you for the thousands of copies of “The Journey” that you have purchased over the last few years and we look forward to sharing “Through The Fire” with you very soon!


February 19th, 2016

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