“Through The Fire”

“Through The Fire”

“when thou walkest through the fire, thou shalt not be burned; neither shall the flame kindle upon thee.” – Isaiah 43:2-3


Made New Acappella is a living witness to the true meaning of this scripture.  When we began this journey together, we never anticipated all of the wonderful things that God had in store for us.  Likewise, we never anticipated all of the trials that we would face as individuals and as a group collectively.  We all know that as Christians we are destined to struggle.  It’s part of our DNA once we enter into Christ.  However, people on the outside that don’t know your struggle, just see the God in you and what he is doing in your life and sometimes it leads to jealousy and envy, even amongst members of the Body of Christ.  People see the light shining on your and want to take your place or get in on spotlight.  What they fail to realize is that the bright light that they see radiating from you is often the glow of the fire that you are enduring for Christ’s sake.  Sometimes in life, there are fire storms whirling all around us, but as we read in Isaiah, we shall not be burned.

Through The Fire is simply an audio autobiography of the evolution of Made New Acappella.  As individuals, we dealt with the loss of loved ones, challenges or going back to school as adult learners, financial burdens, relationship challenges, and everything that Christians could possibly face.   As a group, we’ve dealt with the challenges of becoming independent artists, the learning curve of producing our own music, defining our roles and responsibilities within the group, respecting one another’s gifts and using them accordingly, negative people and/or negative feedback, and many other things that any group such as ours would face.  However, the bottom line is just as the passage in Isaiah says…”We were not consumed” and in fact, we are better for it.  So listen to the powerful messages conveyed in the songs on this CD and we are convinced that you will be able to sing along with us…”There’s been a change in me!”  Share your feedback on social media.  We’d love to hear which songs resonate with you the most.

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May 5th, 2016

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