“The Second Project Is Underway”

“The Second Project Is Underway”

More often than not when we travel, we’re often asked by fans,  when we are going to record another project.  God has blessed us to continue to carry our debut release, “The Journey”,  into new venues all over the country and we are very pleased with how it has been received.  However, we realize that we can’t stop there and rest on any little measure of success we may experience.  There is still much work to be done.

Believe it or not, when we finalized the playlist for the first CD, we had enough original material or initial ideas to produce at least two more CDs at that very moment.  We had to literally cut songs to get it down to the 11 tracks that ultimately ended up on the CD.  So, Once we began traveling and saw that there was a market for our style of singing, we decided to give it another try.  So I went back into our “vault” of songs and pulled out some of the best ideas that we had.  Now begins the process of identifying a common theme for our message and identifying what pieces are missing.  One thing we pride ourselves on is bringing the message of Christ in a variety of styles but with the same “Made New” harmony that our fans love.  We don’t want to be just classified as just one particular style or genre of acappella.  We just want to make good music with a message.

Early in the process, we identified that we really needed a southern style “take ‘em to church” type song and a really good praise and worship style song.  We put our heads together and decided that we should solicit the assistance of none other than John “Pooh” Malone Jr.  Pooh is a gifted individual in general, but especially in the two areas that we needed help.  Over the last few weeks, we completed recording “Change In Me” a knee slapper that will definitely get you up and clapping and “You’re Worthy Lord”, a praise and worship song that shows how much we truly adore our God and appreciate all that he has done for us.

The next project will feature collaborations with artists such as John “Pooh” Malone Jr., Durant, Genesis McClendon, Mia Brewington, and Soul Purposed.  We wanted some of our friends who have encouraged us and helped us along the way to be a part of this next project.    Currently there are 17 songs on the list, but we will trim that down to 12 songs that we’ll present to you on our next project.  If the Lord says the same, we hope to release the project in late 2015.

Thanks for all of your support.


June 23rd, 2014

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