Crimson Flow Records

Crimson Flow Records

Today we welcome hit producer, Nick Glenn of Crimson Flow Records – Greensboro, NC, to our hometown to record 2 more cuts off of the next Made New project.  Nick has produced for artists such as Eternal Praise, Katrina Waller, Just Brothers,  Soul Purposed and Made New to name a few.  Nick is know for his saying “I think you’ve got a better one in you”, which is code for I’m going to push you a little harder.  He brings out things in artists that they may not even know about themselves.

This weekend, Nick is going to record “Long Time Coming” written by Kenneth Ray and “His Mercy” written by Troy Marables.  “Long Time Coming” is a song with and island feel to it that tells the story about Mary, Martha, and Jesus.  This song will feature guest vocalist, Genesis McClendon of Jacksonville, FL.  Genesis has a natural island style  to her vocals and brings some major vocals to this song.   “His Mercy” is a song with a 90’s R&B feel, that speaks of God’s mercy toward man and expresses our gratitude for all that he’s done for us.  Mia Brewington, of Soul Purposed fame, will be the featured guest artist on “His Mercy”.  She will also be joined by members of Soul Purposed to add additional backings on this track.


June 25th, 2014

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