Music Video

“So Glad”

Song Written and Produced by Jerome Malone

Video Filmed and Produced by LivePrep Nation

Screenplay by Erica Goodman and Bettye Wise

Performed by Made New Acappella

Meet Troy and Madalyn, a couple burdened with bills and financial difficulties that are straining their relationship.  Makayla confronts her college roommate, Erica, about her growing use and abuse of alcohol.  Rhonda is experiencing domestic abuse from her husband Kenneth and doesn’t know where to turn.  Bettye is married to the minister, Dwayne, who is attempting to serve all of the needs of his members, but at the same time he fails to recognize that he is neglecting his own wife’s needs.  Each of them need God to intervene in a special way, and ultimately, they rejoice that God saved them and vow to never turn back.  See how the Lord works in each of their lives.