Made New

  • 1 Bettye Wise
    Bettye is our image consultant. She is responsible for the appearance of the group, CD cover concepts, video concepts, and vending table layout. Bettye helps to ensure that the "Made New" brand is maintained at all times so that you, the consumer, get our very best.
  • 1 Rhonda Ray
    Rhonda is the Director for Made New and is responsible for the overall sound of the group. It's not "Made New" until Rhonda says so. Rhonda is the wife of Kenneth Ray.
  • 1 Kenneth Ray
    Kenneth is the Marketing and Sales director for the group and is responsible for innovating ways to promote the Made New brand and distribute our product. Kenneth is the husband of Rhonda Ray.
  • 1 Erica Goodman
    Erica is the primary songwriter / arranger in the group. She is the creative force behind many of our hits. She is the daughter of Kenneth and Rhonda Ray.
  • 1 Makayla Wise
    Makayla is the group's event coordinator. Makayla helps to organize special events sponsored by Made New. She is the daughter of Bettye Wise
  • 1 Troy Marables
    Troy is the Business Manager / Sound Engineer for the group. Troy coordinates tour travel, accommodations, financial matters, studio recordings, and live sound needs for the group. Troy is also known as on air personality "T-Mar" from and